History Of Minnnie Mites

Hi, welcome to my web site. If you‘ve got this far you must be serious about finding the best parent and toddler group for your child. So why do I think my group is better that the rest? Read on to find out the history of Minnie Mites.
Minniemites was established on 18th January 2006
I qualified with the NNEB (Nursery Nurse) at college and I went to work at the Royal Nuffield Hospital. I loved my job working with deaf and speech-impaired children. Unfortunately, the salary was very poor which is fine when you‘re young but when looking to buy your first home, sacrifices had to be made.
I retrained in IT and worked in the city for the next 18 years. After 12 years at an International bank, I was made redundant and couldn't face city life anymore. My son was just starting senior school and needed me at home plus my seven year old daughter wanted to know why she couldn't have friends home after school like the other kids.
So what could I do that I enjoyed but left time for my children? I'm married to a builder and over the years we had been buying property wrecks and doing them up to sell for a profit. That‘s how we managed to afford our 5-acre farm in Risebridge.
We had started building a large playroom, for our children, behind the house in place of an old barn, when I came up with the idea of a parent and toddler group. So, since we were only half way through the playroom development, we altered the layout to provide the best environment for babies and toddlers.
I first researched the area, found out about local parent and toddler groups - what they offered and how much they charged. I thought back to the toddler groups I attended with my children and all I could remember was draughty, dusty church halls with toys that had seen better days. I spoke to my friends who had young children and chatted to mothers at my daughter's school. They all seemed to agree with me and said that they wanted somewhere clean and warm which was fun and safe for their kids.
And so Minnie Mites was born. In my hall everything was brand new from the building to the toys.
I noticed clubs picked one or two themes i.e. music or climbing frames and ball pits or messy play. So I decided to do it all and see what happened.